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North Central Texas Employer Locator

Employers are critical partners in the implementation of WBL opportunities. They provide insights into labor market needs, develop or collaborate in the development of curriculum, make opportunities available for individuals to learn and apply skills at the workplace, and, in some cases, connect those individuals to mentors. In short, employers provide the expertise, personnel, time, and other resources for WBL opportunities.

The two tools on this page allows educational organizations and future employees to research and evaluate employers in North Central Texas. 

NCTX Interactive Employer Map

The NCTX Employer Map allows you to expand a specific location to view all employers in that area.  To see specific employer information click on the location. 

NCTX Interactve Employer Map

NCTX Employer Table

The NCTX Employer Table allows you to filter and expand by county and NAICS code. If you would like to download the full table chart, click here. 

NCTX Employer Table
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