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Links Between Secondary & Post-Secondary Education

NCTX 2022-2023 Dual Credit Outcomes

  • Dual Credit Outcomes By District for CTE Students, All Students, Average Hours Earned

NCTX 2023-2024 IHE Core Curriculum Charts

  • Core Curricula by Institution for 2 and 4 year IHEs in NCTX

Links Between Secondary and Postsecondary Education TRPN.jpg

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Dual Credit Crosswalk Template

  • This template, designed by TEA, is a helpful tool for K-12 and higher education partners to complete as they determine a sequence of courses that will lead a student from high school to a credential with value in the labor market (grades 9-12+). The sequence of coursework will include several dual credit courses.

Crosswalk Development 

This presentation, given at the June 2019 TRPN convening, discusses how well-developed crosswalks support links between secondary and postsecondary and create a clear path for students to complete credentials, up to a 4-year degree. The slides also provide example crosswalks.

Strategic Dual Credit 

This presentation, given at the February 2020 TRPN convening, discusses information about strategic approaches to designing dual credit opportunities and shares statewide dual credit goals and resources.

Addressing a Major Barrier to Dual Enrollment

This JFF report discusses how a shortage of qualified instructors threatens to derail dual enrollment and the systemic solutions involved in creating a long-term pipeline of faculty who can teach college in high school.

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