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Integration of Rigorous Core Academics & Career Focused Learning

Integration of Rigorous Academics and Career-Focused Learning TRPN.jpg

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Texas OnCourse DataDive

This Texas OnCourse DataDive resource allows users to explore college and career readiness data on every level: campus, district, regional, and state. DataDive shows Texas school attendance rates, STAAR scores comparison, TSI scores comparison, college readiness assessments, graduation reports, and other statistics.

Recommended Technical and Employability Competencies for College and Career Pathway Endorsements

This report outlines technical and professional competencies that students must show to prove they are ready to enter an industry or to pursue further education. Competency statements apply to current industry needs, contain both employability skills and technical skills, and leave opportunity for specialized training and career advancement. 

Big Blur

This paper argues for a radical restructuring of education for grades 11–14—by erasing the arbitrary dividing line between high school and college—to open opportunities for the learners our current systems leave behind. We make the case for an entirely new type of institution—neither high school nor college—designed specifically to better meet the needs of young people after 10th grade and help prepare them to succeed in the world of work.

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