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Who We Are & What We Do

FACT Education is a non-profit focused on innovative education consulting and professional development. FACT Education endeavors to make a positive difference in the fast growing world of Career & Technical Education.

At FACT Education we provide high quality professional and curriculum development​, relevant technology integration, opportunities of collaboration for experienced CTE teachers and mentorships for new CTE teachers.

Our programs include:

Consulting & Grant Writing

We prefer to think of this as collaboration. We establish a relationship with our clients focused on identifying real world educational grant opportunities and establishing exciting, engaging and successful curriculum with precise, clear and attainable learning objectives. 


We are available to promote innovative, in-demand career and technical education pathways across the globe by sharing our expertise with educators, policy makers and civic leaders in both public and private institutions.

  CTE  Development

Our real world CTE version of professional development is intensive, hands-on and collaborative effort to address the skills gap and provide opportunities for student success through well rounded, current and enthused educators.

CTE Camps

Think EdCamp with a high tech, hands on twist.  Offering organization, promotion and inspirational ideas to assist CTE teachers from any pathway in establishing collaborative group sessions, continuous mentoring and curriculum sharing.


We have a network of CTE pathway experts that are available to help teachers and/or adminstrators tackle big and small problems.  We have experienced success in programs with declining certifications, completions and enrollments. 


Providing mentors for new teachers is a piece of cake when you have developed partnerships with experts in every CTE pathway.  Industry professionals making the leap into education know their stuff; mentors provide assistance in delivering your expertise to students. 

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