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Alignment with Labor Market Data

 NCTX 2024 Leading Career Pathways Landscape Map

  • Leading Career Pathways - SOC/Industry, Career Cluster, TEA CTE POS, Post-Secondary Path Aligned

  • 2023-2024 WFSNCT (WDA 4) Targeted Occupations

  • 2020-2030 Employment Projections

  • 2022-2024 Employment Projections

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Alignment with Labor Market Demand TRPN.jpg

Texas Regional Occupation Analysis Tool

This tool from TWC offers the ability to compare current labor demand and supply for user-selected occupations by Workforce Development Area, using data provided by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The tools helps users match a potential job with the skills and training they require in their desired industry.

TWIC Skills Standards Repository Website

This webpage, hosted by the Texas Workforce Investment Council , links to all skills standards documents, including a user guide to developing skill standards.

Labor Market Information 101 Webinar

The slide deck, from the JFF Spring 2020 Institute, discusses and explores how to use traditional and real-time labor market information to inform pathways development, individual student and family decision making, and employer partnership development.

Reverse Mapping Pathways

This presentation, given at the February 2020 TRPN convening, provides a road-map for reverse mapping pathways. This strategy starts by examining in-demand industries to align education and career training. 

Hypothesis: Alignment with Labor Market Demands

This webpage highlights how intermediaries from the Building Equitable Pathways initiative are ensuring alignment with labor market demand.

When Is a Job a Good Job and When Can It Launch a Career?

This JFF report studies the career advancement prospects of people entering middle-skill jobs through the unprecedented analysis of nearly 4 million resumes of middle-skill jobseekers. It highlights the types of occupations that offer the strongest opportunities for financial stability and true economic advancement.

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