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2023 Children at Risk Report - NCTX K-12

For the past nineteen years, CHILDREN AT RISK (C@R) (2024) has ranked and graded Texas public schools to help parents, educators, and community members better understand how their local schools are performing. By providing this information to parents and educators, C@R hopes to encourage greater accountability and transparency in the education system. These grades are intended to be a starting point for discussions on improving our schools and providing better educational opportunities for all students.

Schools are assigned ranks and grades based on student achievement on standardized tests, student growth year-to-year, and how well schools support economically disadvantaged students. High Schools are also evaluated on how well they prepare students for college and career (Children at Risk, 2024). 

NCTX Pathways has filtered the results from Children at Risk for K-12 Schools located within the 14 counties of the North Central Texas Workforce Development Area (WDA 4)

Children at Risk. (2024). 2022-2023 School rankings: Triumphing over adversity state of Texas public schools.

2023 North Central Texas K-12 School Ratings & State Rank (Children at Risk, 2023). 

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