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The F.A.C.T. Difference

There are a wide array of options available when you have the need for an education consultant, professional development or membership in a professional association.  At F.A.C.T. Education, we don't believe in a one size fit's all philosophy.  We believe that you should be able to choose the level of service and benefits that will best serve you in your role as an educator or administrator.  F.A.C.T. Education is a non-profit corporation, tax exempt 501 (c) 3, dedicated to the support of educators and students through the advancement of career & technical education. 

This means that you won't feel pressured to become a member of our professional association in order to save a little money for yourself or your school district if you'd like to attend our annual conference. You won't pay extra to for a login to utilize the education tools and advice that we offer on our website, sign up for a webinar that you really need for your campus role or request a quote for consulting or keynote sessions.

Instead, we challenge you to become as involved as you wish with F.A.C.T. Education. If you possess a ton of knowledge in the area that you teach and you would like an opportunity to share that knowledge with other educators, we could love to have you on board.  We mean that literally!  We would love to have you as a member of our CAE (content area expert) Board of Directors.  It's our belief that this is the difference that sets F.A.C.T. Education apart from other professional associations.  Our goal is to establish a Board of Directors from all across the country without regard to location.  Our aim is not to have a representative from each region of the nation, instead we want the best of the best from every career pathway, regardless of where you live or work.  If that's you, check out the opportunity to join our CAE Board.

If you would like to become a member of our professional association because you want to join forces with a group of the finest career and technical educators in this country, we will certainly sign you up!  

I'm sure you'd like to know why you should become a member of F.A.C.T. Education and and Associate Member of AAE.​

  • excellent educator liability insurance (this is the BIG one) 

  • 60,000 group term life insurance coverage - 24 month life insurance benefit at no cost to you

  • attorney access if you need it (we hope you never do)

  • identity theft protection

  • scholarships & grant opportunities

  • tuition discounts for multiple colleges and universities

  • member insurance program

    • Trust in Educators Health Insurance Exchange​

    • Group Disability Income Protection

    • Long Term Care Insurance Evaluation

    • LegalShield & ID Protection

    • Group Term Life 

    • 10 Year Level Group Term Life

    • Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment

    • GEICO Auto

  • two association memberships for one low price  F.A.C.T. Education & Associate Level Membership in the Association of American Educators - $99 annually 

  • become a F.A.C.T. Ed CAE Board Member (we don't care where you live; what do you know?)

  • lead CTE camps in your part of the world - we provide support and training for our members

  • educators need people that are willing to fight for them. their students and advocate for positive legislation, you'll have a voice in Washington

  • opportunity to be a part of our vision to provide opportunities of success for career and technical education students

  • nominate and vote for the rockstar CTE Educator or Administrator that never receives the accolades they deserve

  • 1000's member discounts and perks

  • you'll receive a cool membership card from AAE in the mail and a digital membership card from F.A.C.T. Education

  • you'll also receive a really cool t-shirt!

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