CTE Lesson that provides teachers with a little "teacher time" throughout the 17-18 school

You know how it is, Friday rolls around, you're tired, kids are anxious for the weekend and you'd give just about anything for 30 minutes to update your grade book before the weekend.   

Here is a relevant, thought provoking Netflix goodie to share in your class.  

FYI - Netflix does prohibit public screenings, UNLESS it's in a classroom for educational purposes.   

If Netflix is blocked in your classroom you may have to checkout the "view offline" feature from Netflix.  

Throw together a feedback sheet and roll the flick! Don't have time to watch it first and make your own feedback assignment?  We're attaching some ideas here for you.  Additionally, visit www.livingonone.org for more teaching tools.  

This series teaches empathy, encourages students to think critically and analytically, and fosters curiousity and a desire for in depth exploration.   It's simply a win-win in ANY CTE classroom.  

This is a series with 8 episodes available right now, so maybe you could schedule a little you time in the classroom every other Friday or once a month as you plan your 2017-18 school year.  

Link here:

Living On One Dollar

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