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Business & Industry, Educational Institution or State Affiliate

 Annual Membership Enrollment

F.A.C.T. Education - Associate Member of American Association of Educators

Welcome to membership with F.A.C.T. Education and American Association for Educators.  We are thrilled to partner with you in advancing career and technical education.  Please complete the form below to submit your membership as Business and Industry, Educational Institution or State Affiliate member.   Your membership will become effective immediately with your payment.  Members will receive membership in F.A.C.T. Education Association and Associate Membership in AAE including early access to conference vendor opportunities at a discounted rate, opportunities to participate in promotions, conference events and the ability to share ideas that will help your organization grow while supporting our educator members and their students.  Each business and industry membership will receive promotion of their organization utilizing their submitted logo and link to website and/or social media outlets.  Additionally, if you have a new service or item you would like to offer information or education about, we will partner with you for a specialized Mini-Camp in a location of your choosing.  You will also receive access to supplement insurance at a discounted rate, newsletters, professional resources, member discount program and a voice in Washington D.C and a REALLY Cool T-Shirt!  Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information, ideas, opportunities and inspiration.  Each organization will be required to name one person as the contact for their membership.  This representative will receive information on member benefits.  

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