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It's a FACT...

... CTE Changes LIVES!  Our organization's tagline began as a clever way to share the mission and vision of our non-profit.  Over the last seven years, changing lives through career education has evolved from a simple statement to a decision-making flywheel that guides and leads every step we take at FACT Education. 

Reach out. We look forward to assisting you and your students.

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The Foundation for the Advancement of Career & Technical Education (FACT Ed) began in search of an answer to one significant question: Where do CTE and academic courses meet in a student’s school career?


One simple answer is:

CTE and academic courses should meet in a natural collaboration in all areas of academic courses. CTE students are learning a specific trade.


However, students need all academics to fully understand the concepts delivered. They have to think critically to determine when, how, and why they are using those skills, which is very challenging. This is a big surprise to most people not familiar with today’s CTE.

Most important and vital to our work in CTE is that when students apply those theories and skills in whatever area they’ve chosen, they make full-circle connections that bring relevance and meaning to what they’re learning.

Here at FACT, that's our thing: relevance and meaning

We are kinda still stuck on this also - 


 It's a FACT... CTE Changes LIVES. 

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