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Benefits of Membership

Supplemental Insurance

A Voice in Washington

Liability Insurance FAQ's

Scholarships & Grants


Teacher Liability Insurance

Active membership and student membership in F.A.C.T. Education is insured through Myron Steves Educator Liability Insurance offered by the Barclay Insurance Agency in Austin, Texas.  1,000,000 per insured per occurrence/3,000,000 per occurrence plus the cost of defense, investigation and legal fees.  Applies in the even a member is alleged to have caused injury or damage  to others while performing his or her professional duties.  Errors and omissions insurance for claims for damages arising out of a member's duties as a professional educator including all defense costs.  The duty of the insurer to defend tends even to groundless, false and frivolous suits and accusations.  

Legal Protection

Up to $5,000 per claim, per insured!  The policy provides attorney fees  fee's in a broad range of situations including allegations of criminal and/or sexual misconduct and employment related actions against an educator involving dismissal, reassignment, revocation of certification and other professional rights and duties; unto $1,000 premium on bail bonds.

Teacher Scholarships & Classroom Grants
F.A.C.T. Education is proud to offer annual scholarships for CTE Students and Educators through our non-profit corporation.  Additionally, AAE Foundation provides thousands of dollars annually in teacher scholarships and classroom grants, specifically designed to help advance continuing education and student achievement. All educators are eligible to apply to the National Scholarships and Grants Program.

Service Opportunities
An integral part of the mission of F.A.C.T. Education's mission includes developing professional development opportunities that include the broader community including a commitment to community service opportunities and/or events that enhance and promote the value of career and technical education, it’s educators, students and industry partnership

Access to Supplementary Insurance Policies at Discounted Rates
F.A.C.T. Education members also become an associate member of AAE.  Members have access to a wide range of quality insurance plans at a great discount. Visit the Supplementary Insurance Policies page for more information. 
Plans include:
Comprehensive Health Insurance (JLBG Health)
Personal Auto Insurance (GEICO)
ID Theft Assist (Worldwide Benefit Services)
Group Term Life Plan (New York Life)
Long Term Care Insurance Evaluation Service
Group Disability Income Protection Plan (New York Life)
Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plan (New York Life)
Cancer Protector Plan (Fidelity Security Life)

Access to Shopping & Entertainment Discount Program
F.A.C.T. Education - AAE Associate membership saves you money. Whether it's buying supplies for the classroom, or planning the next field trip, members save money on everyday purchases thanks to exclusive member Discount Program.

A Voice in Washington, D.C.
Each year you will be invited to participate in AAE National Membership Surveys. Your ideas, priorities, and perspectives are then supplied to the national media, educational policy makers, and the U.S. Congress. U.S. Senator Charles Grassley from Iowa told us, "I was pleased to review your membership survey, which demonstrates significant policy differences with the unions. I didn't know there were teachers who think like you do. We only get one side of the story here in Washington."

Professional Resources
Along with the professional benefits listed above, F.A.C.T. Education & AAE are dedicated to helping professional educators continue their teacher training and expand their skill base through professional development and a rich network of resources.

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